If you are a fan of our podcasts you can connect with our shows and let your voice be heard. We offer several ways for you to join the conversation below.

EMAIL US A VOICE RECORDING: Record a clear piece of audio (2 minutes or less) and email it to feedback at malefeelingsmatter dot com.

USE THE SPEAKPIPE WIDGET ON OUR WEBSITE: You can access the website on your cell phone, or if you have a microphone hooked to your PC laptop or tablet, you can click the widget below and leave a message up to 90 seconds long. If your message is good, we might play it on a future episode.

CALL OUR VOICEMAIL LINE*: Call us at 810-309-8445 and leave us a short message and we might add it to the appropriate show. *Regular toll charges apply.

SEND US REGULAR EMAIL: You can email us at feedback at malefeelingsmatter dot com with a short email and we might include it on the show.
PLEASE, NO LONG MESSAGES. We will not play voice mail or read email, that is too long. Unless we state otherwise, we cannot accommodate long messages. There are several community members that we allow to send long messages but we prefer that all messages be under a couple minutes as a rule.

WE WANT TO HEAR YOUR VOICE ON THE SHOW. We do not judge your thoughts/theories so we ask that you not judge the thoughts/theories of others. Everyone has a right to express their opinion. When submitting feedback please stay on topic without including personal attacks.

At TPE Network, we have a strict NO TROLL POLICY! Since 2006, we have built a tremendous online community. With thousands of monthly downloads, occasionally a troll slips through. Here’s what we do for trolls:

All threats are forwarded to the Detroit, Michigan branch of the state police department or the Detroit, Michigan branch of the FBI. We take threats seriously and will not tolerate any ignorant behavior.
Any disparaging messages are traced by our email client and followed up on.
We have partnerships in place that will help us track you down in the real world.
We will prosecute you to the fullest extent of the law.

The Staff